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Post primary follow-up

Primary election results    August 8-2-18

     I still have a lot to learn about how to use this bog technology, but I'm working on it.                                                                                                                                                                            

      Most of the results are in from the primary and that "blue wave" they've been talking about has apparently washed over Island County - even though turnout was abysmal. Hey, where were you all? Right, you're the ones who account for the numbers we did get. Please, before the November election, get on all your friends, neighbors, co-workers, anybody, and make sure they understand just how important it is to speak out, via the ballot, on who runs our country and how.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I have underlined and put in red those names you will see on the November ballot. For all but one race (the Court of Appeals) the votes are in my favor (yours too, I hope). I will comment on individual races below.                                                                                                                                    
Island County voter turnout:  32.64%

No surprise here, Maria Cantwell takes more than 50% of the vote and a distant second is the Trump loving Susan Hutchison. Expect the dark money machine to go into overdrive on this race. What really bothers me is that Joey Gibson, the Nazi who just staged yet another riot complete with guns in Portland, got as many votes as he did.

Thor Amundson          0.58%
Dave Strider                0.4%
Joey Gibson                2.33%
Mike Luke                  0.7%
GoodSpaceGuy           0.44%
Clint  Tannehill           1.94%
Maria Cantwell           55.45%
Susan Hutchison         23.83%
Brad Chase                  0.14%
Tim Owen                   1.49%
Matthew Heines          0.5%
Sam Wright                 0.23%
Art Coday                   1.63%
John Orlinski               0.41%
Charlie Jackson           0.15%
Keith Swank                2.34%
Alex Tsimerman          0.09%
R C Smith                    0.14%
Don Rivers                   0.7%
Jennifer Gigi Ferguson    1.12%
Steve Hoffman            0.37%
George Kalberer          0.16%
Jimmie Deal                0.22%
Rocky De La Fuente        0.35%
Jon Butler                    0.13%
Dave Bryant                2.05%
Mohammad Said         0.5%
Matt Hawkins              0.79%
Glen Stockwell            0.78%

total votes excluding write-ins: 1,033,461

House, District 2
This one is downright shameful. Sure, Rick has a vast lead, but the fact that his opponent in November is Uncle Mover, who files for every election just to advertise his business, that's just plain pathetic. Given the very small differences, the second name could change before its over. I don't know how many votes are left to count.

Collin Richard Carlson    7.48%
Uncle Mover                    7.61%
Brian Luke                       7.2%
Stoney Jackson                3.9%
Rick Larsen                     66.25%
Gary Franco                     7.55%

total votes excluding write-ins: 95,340

Legislative District 10

position #1
This is a total shock and delightful surprise. We all thought Norma was invincible. There's still the November election to go, and no doubt the dark $$ will be pouring in, but this is so encouraging.

Scott McMullen        51.27%
Norma Smith            48.73%

position #2
I'm less surprised at Dave Paul's big win, given that he is eloquent and accustomed to speaking in public, but I'm equally delighted. Way to go!

Dave Paul                53.49%
Dave Hayes             46.51%

total votes excluding write-ins:  26,416

State Court of Appeals
This is our one serious potential loss. We're all seeing at the federal level just how vitally important our courts are. I'm going to put Seguine's lead down to sheer ignorance on the part of most people, and the fact that he and the Skagit Republicans did tons of advertising. While I was rooting for Rita Latsinova, Cecily Hazelrigg-Hernandez came highly recommended and has a positive history. I'll be getting behind her as best I can, and hope others will as well.

Tom Seguine                             28.1%
Lisa Keeler                                23.19%
Cecily Hazelrigg-Hernandez     23.21%
Roger Leishman                        9.85%
Rita Latsinova                           15.65%

total votes excluding write-ins: 64,818

Island County Commissioner, district 3
Yay Janet! Way to go! In spite of the mean-spirited letter to the editor in the last News-Times, its clear that the majority of people are tired of the same old same old.

Rick Hannold            48.24%
Janet St Clair             51.76%

Island County Sheriff
I've been making a study of whose political signs are grouped together. Notice the large signs in the field between Bayview and Freeland. Standing together are the signs for Rick Hannold and Lane Campbell. Even aside from Mr Campbell's serious case of foot-in-mouth, that juxtaposition tells me a lot. I think we'll do better with Mr Felici as sheriff.

Lane Campbell        47.7%
Rick Felici               52.3%

Ballot measures
These were obvious no-brainers and it looks like most everybody agrees. Ok, that's done.

EMS levy
yes                69.22%
no                 30.78%

South Whidbey Parks & Rec levy
yes                74.5%
no                 25.5%

Thursday, July 26, 2018

August 7 election, latest update

Fellow voters & Politiblog readers,

       A number of you have contacted me to ask why I haven't covered all the offices up for election this year. Fact is, I have. The whole thing is so massive that I had to do separate posts. You will see those listed down the right hand side of the blog page. Please do check out all of them.

       Also, a number of people have contacted me with new information about a candidate running against Rick Larsen. He had a great line on his website. The part he forgot to mention is that he has been convicted of insurance fraud - twice. I also hear that in his enthusiasm for Bernie he had developed a bad habit of bad-mouthing and name-calling Democrats. I am hereby withdrawing the nice things I said about the young man. Note that I was  not recommending him personally, but I did like his platform. I guess we'll have to find someone with some stronger ethics and a greater degree of civility to move that platform forward.

        Now go find that ballot and vote.

Saturday, July 21, 2018


I have now gotten the definitive word from a whole bunch of you that there is a card in the envelope with the ballot which says, in large print NO STAMP IS NEEDED TO RETURN YOUR BALLOT. Ok, message received. Which means you have no excuse for failing to return the ballot.

Several people have mentioned that the race which needs to be highlighted is the judicial one. I agree that very few people know a lot about lawyers and judges. I posted the races in the order they appear on the ballot. If some of you feel it really needs more emphasis, I will re-post so it shows at the top.

Thanks for the feedback and the kind words.

August 7, 2018 Primary crib sheet

Welcome to the Primary marathon. Note that your ballot is particularly long this time. Because of the open primary system in Washington, there are no fewer than 29 candidates for Maria Cantwell’s Senate seat. Luckily there are not quite so many for most of the other positions. In fact, I am appalled that a number of important county offices have no challenger to the incumbent at all. I will list those positions, but see no point in going into great detail. For the most part, unless they have done really wonderful things, I do not vote for unchallenged candidates.

Here’s the basic information:
Ballots must be returned no later than August 7.
            You can mail your ballot as long as the postmark is on or before August 7. To be sure that happens, get your ballot in the mail before 4:00 pm. Remember, it needs a stamp if you mail it.

            There are also drop boxes for depositing ballots without need of a stamp. There are now 6 of those, in the following locations:
            Island County Elections Office            400 N Main Street                    Coupeville
            Oak Harbor City Hall                           865 SE Barrington                   Oak Harbor
            Trinity Lutheran Church                      18341 Hwy 525                                   Freeland
            Langley Post Office                             115  2nd Street                           Langley
            Ken’s Corner Red Apple                      4141 Hwy 525                         Clinton
            Camano Annex                                                121 N East Camano Dr            Camano

Deadline for dropping in the collection box is 8:00 pm on August 7.

There have been some unusual and worrisome communications coming out of the elections office this year, so make sure you are registered. If you have not received your ballot by July 21/22, contact the elections office. Like jurisdictions elsewhere, Island County sent out notices to some people that they were being removed from the voter rolls, but the notices looked so much like junk mail that many may have been tossed out. If you’re not sure, you can check on line at
or with the Island County elections office at or phone 360-679-7366 M-F 9:00 – 4:00.

Marianne’s usual disclaimer. I’m not telling you how to vote. I’m just telling you how I would/will vote and why. You, obviously, will decide for yourself. Please, I have spent a lot of time and energy researching all of this, so do NOT yield to the temptation just to find the name in red at the bottom of each race. Its really important to me that your votes be informed.

After a vigorous initiative campaign season, you will note that there are no initiatives on the primary ballot. The deadline for submitting signatures to the Secretary of State was July 6. That office is still counting and tabulating and deciding, and those initiatives with enough signatures will be on the November general election ballot.

Two further points: Blogger and I are having a disagreement about posting. Some of the contents are underlined where I didn't want it and some are italicized where I didn't want it. Since I'm getting phone calls, emails, and people stopping me on the street, I'm posting with all the bloops just to get it out there in a timely fashion.

Second point. I apologize to the Camano folks for not researching the numerous candidates for Snohomish PUD seats. I don't feel like I know enough about those issues, and am feeling very pushed for time. I hope someone with the PUD boundaries has done this homework. Again, sorry it wasn't me.

Ok, now to the ballot. 

US Senate

Ready for a marathon? This will take several cups of coffee. There are no fewer than 29 candidates for Maria Cantwell’s seat in the US Senate. Here they are, in alphabetical order by first name, just because that’s how my Word file sorted them.

I am not familiar enough with Blogger to be able to deal with its gratuitous addition of underlining where it was never intended. Please just ignore the underlining. I can't figure out how to make it go away and am feeling pushed to get this all posted.

Alex Tsimerman, Stand Up party        
The website wouldn’t open for me, but I did find a news story to the effect that Mr Tsimerman was banned from Seattle city hall for a year for calling council members “Nazi social democratic mafia” while he was running for mayor. He was born in Germany and came to the US from the Soviet Union as a political and religious refugee. A perennial candidate who challenges the status quo but is all over the map and less than coherent. Not a serious candidate.

Art Coday, R     
Interesting that he works as a patient advocate. Here’s his platform:
Step 1 is to completely repeal Obamacare.
Peace Through Strength.
Right to Life – constitutional protections for the vulnerable. Roe v Wade litmus test for Supreme Court candidates.
2nd amendment reigns supreme.
Got all that? Not my kind of guy.

Brad Chase, FDFR party       info@screwbothparties
There was no information available anywhere on this one, although I did read that the FDFR should be read as F the Dem and F the Republican parties.
Not a serious candidate.

Charlie R Jackson, Independent
Another not very serious candidate. He appears to be involved in marine shipping, having worked, he says, on container ships, ferries, research ships, and tankers.

His focus is on the meaninglessly large national debt of $19 trillion. He blames Wall Street and “the Hedge Fund high fliers” for costing jobs, infrastructure repair, pensions, medication, and health care.

He’s anti-abortion, although he focuses on late-term abortion.

He wants to restructure the income tax, require corporation to consider public values before profit, and eliminate shell companies.

As he says, his is a shoestring campaign intended to raise public awareness.

Clint Tannehill, D
This guy actually has a platform.
He wants strong guns laws nationwide and sees Washington as a model.
He wants to transition to a renewable energy economy, and to replace coal with renewables.
He wants to protect national parks and monuments.
He wants to improve clean air standards.
He wants to expand electric vehicle charging capabilities on federal lands.
He wants to make electric vehicles affordable and accessible.
He wants to reduce the country’s carbon footprint and arrange the budget to make that happen.
He wants to see public banks be able to serve the cannabis industry, to allow cannabis entrepreneurs to thrive, to see cannabis regulated as alcohol is, and to de-schedule cannabis.
He favors universal health care.
He wants to work with tribes to protect wildlife.
He wants genuine financial reform.
He wants to redefine the term ‘corporation’ since many corporations are not mega-monsters but actually very small businesses.

Gotta say, I like the man’s platform. I would like to see him in a position to be able to carry out at least some parts of it. I just wish he weren’t running against Maria Cantwell because in this instance I am not about to vote for him.

Dave Bryant, R 
His focus: Stop overtaxing, stop overspending. The true irony behind that platform is that the man is career Navy, having retired as commander of a nuclear sub who then went to work (revolving door) in admin at Boeing. He insists that reducing taxes pays for itself. Tell that to the people who just got skunked by the great tax bill just passed. His website is full of all sorts of charts and graphs and arguments and formulae.
His platform:
All goods come not from government but from a thriving economy, so get government spending under control.
Institute a long term energy plan.
Make proper use of natural resources, do not wall them off from use but use them sustainably.
Create more connectivity, such as 5G and commercial space internet.
Commercialize space via mining of asteroids, innovation, exploration, and recreation.
Enter into no international accords, knock down all barriers to competition, trade deals, and find technical solutions.

Yowza. This is one of the worse of the narrow-minded, narrow-focused wing nuts.

Here’s a platform I could get behind:
Move away from carbon-based fuels. No fracking.
Encourage and subsidize sustainable energy sources like wind and solar.
Reduce our carbon footprint.
Clean up hazardous waste from factories and other pollutants.
Ensure crops and vegetation are safe for people, animals, and bees.
Support natural and biodegradable construction, textiles, and products such as hemp.
Clean water and air are basic human rights and should not be privately owned.
Expand Medicare and single payer programs with no co-pays or premiums.
Tie health care enrollment into Social Security.
Health care is a universal right and should be provided to everyone regardless of ability to pay.

Reexamine the national debit, perhaps restructure the entire system.
Decrease military spending, increase veterans’ benefits.
Ensure that taxes are actually used for federal programs that benefit the people, such as education and health care.
Spending on public benefits is not debt, it is an investment in our people.
Support our troops by not sending them overseas to fight bogus wars.

Police need training in de-escalating violence, in mental health, and in first aid.

Provide free college and/or vocational training.
Support labor unions.
Increase the minimum wage to $18.00/hour.
Better protect LGBT people. We’re all human and should be treated accordingly.
Improve rights for first nations people and for immigrants, regardless of color or creed.
Support the separation of church and state.
Support the decriminalization of marijuana.

Institute term limits.
Remove the electoral college.
Consider a ranked-choice voting system.
End gerrymandering and make districts more representative.
End Citizens United.

As I said, this is a platform I could easily get behind. I just wish the gentleman were starting a little lower on the electoral ladder, say as a county commissioner or city council member. This is a voice I want to hear.

Don L Rivers, D
This guy seems a little confused. He’s all for gun reform but wants to secure the borders. He wants to protect “Dreamers and other law-abiding citizens”. He’s concerned with the conflation of violence with mental illness and wants to see more mental health services. He favors campaign finance reform. He wants to see criminal justice reform since many people are serving long jail terms for ‘crimes’ which are no longer on the books. And he wants to see a carbon tax to reduce carbon emissions.

My impression is of someone with good intentions and poor education who is shooting far too high.

George Kalberer, D       
I found no website or Facebook page.
While the candidate declares himself a Dem, he certainly doesn’t sound like one.
“freedom under God vs ruthless, godless tyranny”
He declares himself to believe in the sacred value of human life, and that brutality and other police crimes make that a mockery.
He proposes to use Cruise missiles against North Korea, and to conquer China by firing Tomahawk missiles to demolish the whole country, then demanding China’s unconditional surrender.

This man qualifies as certifiably loony and is cluttering up the ballot.

He says he votes 100% with President Trump.
Another perennial candidate, who claims to run an economic development organization. He assures us that he works only for “Certified Americans from all races and those legally obtaining their citizenship!”
His entire front page is in caps, with exclamation points (!) and lots of different colors. He comes across as just a bit hysterical. He claims to be a WA State senator (and you wondered what was wrong with the legislature, right?) Much of his front page is devoted to vilifying Maria Cantwell.

This is one right wing loonie who evidently enjoys throwing mud and phony allegations all over the place, claiming the national debt is Obama’s fault, the Dems are the ones killing Social Security, etc.

His big focus has been completion of the Columbia River Project originally begun under the Roosevelt administration. Times have changed. Our awareness of how rivers work has changed. His demand for federal largesse in the name of independence has not changed.

This is one of the scary loonies.

GoodSpaceGuy, R
Yet another perennial candidate, perhaps a bit more loonie than most. He actually changed his name legally from Michael George Nelson to GoodSpaceGuy in 2006. He has been a candidate 18 times – and been defeated 18 times.
His platform:
Population control through a birth fee. (I’d love to see how that would work)
Replace the job-destroying minimum wage with individual free market wages so that jobs become easier to get.
Reject the voter supported Big Government Command Economy which produces wild spending and poverty. (yeah, its written in English, but I can’t figure out what it means)
A prosperous future in space will come through orbital space colonization. Start with small habitats, privately owned by billionaire. Join the small habitats together to form the cheaper places to learn to live in space. The free market will eliminate poverty.

Yep, another right wing loonie.

James Robert “Jimmie” Deal, Green party
He’s working on becoming a perennial candidate, having run for Lynnwood city council, Snohomish county executive, Lieutenant Governor, and Governor. He is a real estate attorney and broker. His law focus is smart meters, fluoridation, and environmental class action.

He says of Maria Cantwell “the favorite in this race has done much good. But she is wrong or silent on many issues.” Agreed. I just don’t think that’s a good reason to be rid of her.

He asserts that smart meters are illegally collecting data on private individuals, which data is then sold. He wants fiber networks rather than wi-fi, which he asserts will fry us all.

He proposes to solve traffic congestion by an Uber-like van service, which he asserts would take half the cars off the road.

He wants to diversify the Social Security trust fund into many different safe investments and run it as  a sovereign wealth and pension fund. (are you scared yet?)

He wants to legalize and tax most recreational drugs, and use the profits for free addiction treatment. This would reduce organized crime, improve policing, reduce imprisonment, and lessen border problems. (This actually sounds reasonable)

Stop drilling NOW. Require Exxon to spend all new capital on solar, wind, and wave.
Lower the voting age to 17.
Roundup causes cancer, kills salmon, and should be banned. Lets become an organic nation.
Flouridation is a profitable fraud.
Sell bonds and construct enough reduced rent housing to house all.
We need election and campaign finance reform.

This guy is a fascinating mixed bag of very good ideas and then some truly out-there stuff creeps in. Thing is, I’m inclined to agree with him on the issue of wi-fi. I think the stuff is dangerous and many years from now, if there is still a functional society, we will discover the damage it is doing.

All in all, an interesting person who should put his energies to good use somewhere other than running for the Senate.

Jennifer “Gigi” Ferguson, Independent
“People Before Politics”
Progressive, social activist

Single payer
Net neutrality
Education for all
Clean environment
No pipelines, no LNG plant in Tacoma
Green jobs for a green future
Immigration reform
Criminal justice reform
Social justice
Voting rights act
Living wage
Money out of politics
Strengthen labor unions
Social Security is non-negotiable
Debt free college tuition
Racial equality

endorsed by:
Our Revolution
Green Party
United We Stand
Demand Universal Healthcare

I like this woman. I like what she stands for. I wish she weren’t challenging Maria Cantwell. I would dearly love to see her in the state legislature.

Joey Gibson, R 

And now, for a bit of stark contrast with the previous candidate, a woman of color on my side of the aisle, comes an openly racist Nazi. Yep, he’s the leader of the Patriot Prayer Group, which started a riot in Portland on 6-30-18. He is also a member of The Proud Boys, a hate group out of Portland. He and 5 of his followers were arrested at UW for carrying a whole load of weapons, including an AR-15 rifle, just days after the Santa Fe, Texas shooting.

His platform:
  1. Term Limits
  2. Protect the 2nd amendment
  3. The Fair Tax
  4. Balanced Budget 
  5. Build The Middle Class
He proposes a 23% flat SALES tax. Now who do you suppose that would hit the hardest? He proposes to audit FDA for collusion with big pharma.
Definitely a mixed bag here, worried about pollution, GMOs, toxic chemicals. He wants mandatory labeling of pesticides (they already are), and GMO labeling. He wants to work on how to clean up the water.
The national debt is out of control. He’s ‘pro-life’ (one wonders if that includes the lives of people threatened with AR-15s or those beaten in his riots). He says gay marriage is fine, but don’t ask Christians or Muslims to support it. He seems rather confused on immigration. He wants to streamline the process of legal immigration, but wants to keep out the ‘bad guys.’
I’m afraid he lost me at the start, being a Nazi and all. I have a problem with Nazis.

John Orlinski, R
Mr Orlinski is an immigrant from Poland with a strong anti-communist, anti-socialist bent. He describes himself as “an independent populist Republican who is fiscally conservative and moderate on social issues.” He wants to work to reduce unnecessary free goods and services currently provided by the government. He wants to restore fiscal sanity and reduce the national debt. He wants first-class education. He says borders need to be secured and immigration policies need to be reworked to benefit citizens. We need to restore the manufacturing base of the US. He wants to work to end corruption, crony capitalism, corporate welfare, and to renegotiate trade agreements. He says free enterprise will cure unemployment. He wants to cut immigration and deport undocumented workers to cause a tight labor market which will raise workers’ wages. He wants to keep taxes low while investing in infrastructure, and he wants to delay or scrap Obamacare. But then he also wants to reinstate Glass-Steagall. His final word “Put America first and make it great again. So help me God.”
Well, I am underwhelmed. People who come here from formerly Communist countries tend to over-react and become rabid right wingers. As Mr Orlinski demonstrates. There is very little coherence or logic to the various statements, just the conviction that capitalism cures all.

Jon Butler, Independent
Mr Butler’s focus seems to be the Christian Faith Center in Federal Way. His Facebook page contains many videos, one of which is by the “2020 Trump for President group.” Oh. This leads to a screed to “make families great again.” It appears the man has a problem with Family Court. It sounds as though he is trying to regain custody of his daughter. The agencies and courts have consistently sided with the mother.
Under Vote Smart, he lists himself as founder, People of Faith Life Group and Founder & Chair, Single Fathers Association of America, 2011 to present.

His entire platform is family court reform. Well, not quite. He wants to build ‘mega-shelters’ for the homeless. Wants to give teachers a raise and better incentives. Wants term limits. Wants stricter laws for pedophiles. Wants to raise speed limits.

Pretty much a single issue guy who needs to work out his family problems somewhere other than running for Senate.

This one is a right-winger’s right-winger. First the military and then Seattle Police Dept.
“God, country, family. The United States of America is a Christian nation. I am proud to say that Jesus is my Savior and I follow him first.”
·      build a wall. border security is national security.
·      immigration. we need to use our heads, not our hearts. No amnesty is good amnesty.
·      tax cuts benefit all taxpayers, we need a 15% flat tax.
·      address national debt and unfunded liabilities by cutting welfare.
·      Dems are blocking Trump judicial appointments. Replace those dems.
·      2nd amendment not to be infringed. Lifetime NRA member. Lifetime member of Citizens’ Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. “An armed society is a polite society.”
·      Dems are all hypocrites forcing people into mass transit while they use SUVs and fly around. Need “free choice” of energy sources.
·      “I’m an environmentalist. I spend weeks every year in the great outdoors. I practice ‘leave no trace’.”
·      Oil companies are very careful not to cause damage to our ecosystem, and there is a lot of oversight.
·      We should use nuclear power. It is clean and safe.
·      I’m all for renewable energy, but the federal government should not subsidize it, thereby picking winners and losers.”
·      Coal is cleaner now than it has ever been, and we are sitting on years and years of coal energy.
·      Just remember, when the sun isn’t shining, the wind isn’t blowing, and the winter runoff is low, we still need energy for our electric cars. We need to get it from somewhere.
·      Energy will produce thousands of jobs. Drill here, drill now.
·      Infrastructure is crumbling in spite of the $0.18 federal fuel tax. Where did the $$ go?
·      The military needs to be rebuilt in order to promote “peace through strength.”
·      Healthcare is not a right. Let the free market work.
·      Veterans need to receive the benefits they deserve. The VA needs to be revamped. Too many vets are falling through the cracks and too many are taking advantage of the system.
·      The left is out to fundamentally change our country. They want to do away with our rights and responsibilities and control our destiny. If the left takes control of the House they will immediately start impeachment proceedings and we will find ourselves in a Constitutional crisis.
·      pro-life
·      the death penalty should be used more.
·      opposes recreational use of marijuana.

Well, that’s about as right wing as you can get. I do wonder, as a cop, how he feels about “an armed society is a polite society.” Does that mean he is polite when he approaches someone on the street because they could be carrying a loaded weapon?

Needless to say, another right wing loonie.

Maria Cantwell, D, incumbent
Remember her? She’s the incumbent Senator. If you hadn’t noticed, things are rather hot in the senate right now, what with the nomination of a far-right criminal to the Supreme Court and all. Yeah, he’s a criminal. Seems he lied under oath to the Senate during his confirmation hearings for the Circuit Court. Anyway, Maria is leading the charge against him, for which I offer both profound respect and thanks.

She believes climate change is real and needs to be dealt with. She sees the potential for clean energy creating many good jobs. In fact it is already doing so in spite of administration opposition. She strongly supports the Paris agreement, although the Senate as a whole does not seem to want to weigh in on the probably illegal withdrawal. She’s been fighting to protect our coasts from offshore oil drilling and our national lands from fossil and nuclear exploitation. She has long worked to keep our waters clean.

She worked to force Scott Pruitt out of EPA and has pledged to oppose any new nominee with similar anti-environmental attitudes.

She has supported the Mueller investigation from the start, is very concerned about Russian interference with US elections, and is doing what she can to keep it from happening again.

She is a strong supporter of net neutrality, the Affordable Care Act, and pretty much the whole progressive agenda. Oh, and she’s a big supporter of Roe v Wade, which is one reason she is fighting the Supreme Court nomination.

She has fought for DACA, Dreamers, and the release of the children kidnapped at the border.

She fought the tax “reform” ripoff.

She is by no means perfect, but she’s been in the Senate long enough to have some influence, and she uses it for the most part to push our issues and to oppose the right wing takeover.

I don’t see we have much choice in the matter. We really need to keep Maria right where she is. I’ll be voting for her.

Matt Hawkins, R
His website is not at all informative. We learn that he is one of 8 siblings, born and raised in the Spokane valley. His focus is on family and faith and ‘doing the right thing’, without necessarily defining it.

from Wikipedia we learn that he is currently a WA  state senator, since 2013, and a former state rep.

from the Primary Voter’s Guide we learn that his “focus is on Freedoms, Family, and Faith.” And he has 10 kids.

Ok, that’s enough to know he probably should not be in the Washington state senate, let alone in the federal Senate.

His web page says it all. The front page image is of Mr Heines next to a cardboard cutout of Trump. His background is as a military trainer in the US and in various middle eastern countries on behalf of Raytheon and Northrup Grumman.

He is disgruntled that he was refused permission to participate in the Sequim annual parade. Evidently he didn’t read the application material very carefully and missed the deadline. He sees this as a “rich Democrat” plot.

Actually, an interesting hodge-podge of a platform.
·      Abolish college tuition. Fund higher education through sale of legalized marijuana.
·      Corporations have taken over the government and are forcing people into debt peonage, importing people from 3rd World countries rather than pay Americans.
·      Racist laws favor new immigrants over citizens.
·      The war on drugs is racist. Stop funding it.
·      Maria Cantwell is selling out the people of Washington, filling it full of illegal and America hating racists, high prices, low wage jobs, crime, and traffic, traffic traffic.
Obstacles to winning this election:
·      There is no way to verify if the vote is accurate.
·      The general dishonesty of the Democratic party and their tendency to incite to violence the people they imported to vote for them.
·      Domination of the DNC media corporations such as Comcast, Hagadone and others to control the thoughts of the simpletons of the state.

Got all of that? Here’s a guy who trains soldiers of fortune for private corporations to conduct wars in other countries complaining about the Democratic party and Maria Cantwell. Right.

Yet another right-wing loonie.

Mike Luke, Libertarian party   
Mr Luke is a former Republican precinct officer and convention delegate of the Ron Paul wing of the R party. In 2016 he decided he was really a libertarian.
He ran as a Libertarian in 2016, and both he and his brother are running this year. Their stated intent is to gain exposure for the Libertarian party.
On the one hand he says that he is more comfortable with federal than with local issues. On the other hand, he believes that the States should be the primary unit of government. He is bothered by the conduct of government and the lack of accountability, especially by the police. He feels threatened by the police as representatives of that government. He wants to work on criminal justice reform and jury nullification. (Jury nullification is the idea that a jury may recognize that a person committed the act of which they stand accused, but the jury finds they did the right thing by committing that act. Consider some of the pipeline and oilport demonstrations.)
He believes there are too many laws and that many of them conflict with the Constitution. He believes that mandatory minimum sentences are too harsh, and that the people, through jury nullification, are the ultimate backstop against tyranny.

It sounds like Mr Luke has a problem with the law. I don’t think running for Senate will solve that problem. Yet another also-ran.

Mohammad Said, D      
This information comes from the 2016 Primary Voters’ Guide, when Dr Said also ran for Senate.
He’s from Grant County, where he has been PCO and state delegate, and has sat on the State Democratic Central Committee (which might explain why the party has such problems)

He’s a doctor who feels the need to puff himself up a bit:  “holding one of the highest medical degrees in the US, Expert of US-Arab/Muslim relations.”

He originally intended to run in 1992, but the party convinced him to withdraw in favor of Patty Murray.

His response to a Young Dem questionnaire: 
Conservative on social issues, liberal on Progressive issues such as education, environment, military, etc.
Was expelled from Haifa in 1948 when Israel declared itself a state, along with 700,000 other Palestinians. He goes into arguments about how ridiculous the Jewish claim is.
He is a perennial candidate, who is running this time “to excite 3 groups to register to vote: the Muslims, who exceed 400,000, the Latinos (as I am Spanish speaking) who exceed 700,000, and the young people.
In answer to the question of what he wants to accomplish in office, he goes on about how he wants to show that Muslims are good people.
What is the difference between you and your opponent? (interestingly, the other 27 candidates are not even considered). Answer: she is very cozy with the military. She gave the WA vote to Hillary instead of Bernie.
He admires Bernie because he is truthful and, while Jewish, is sympathetic to the Palestinian people.
Re: background checks for gun licenses. No, its not enough. We need to change the 2nd amendment.
Should government regulate climate emissions? Yes, and we have to enforce very strictly.
Should the 1% have a higher tax rate? Yes.
Roe v Wade? No. Once the woman is pregnant it is not her privilege to do anything she wants to her fetus.
Supports universal health care, and has a plan to implement it.
He uses his clinic for civic purposes. He offers free health care to anyone under 18 if they will sign a statement that for 1 year they will not use street drugs or drink alcohol, and that when they turn 18 they will register to vote. “Young people can do a lot if they are motivated, encouraged, and given the opportunity.”

All in all, a good guy with a particular personal bias (we all have those). I really like his encouragement of young people to get involved politically. I don’t like his religious bias against a woman’s right to autonomy over her body.

I think Dr Said might do well in county or even state politics. I don’t think he would do well at the federal level.

R C Smith, R     
I have finally found an image.  RC Smith appears to be a middle aged white female.
US Army Reserve electrician, US Navy & FAA Air Traffic Controller, descendent of Nagasaki veteran, Master of aeronautical Science
mother of 3 self-supporting children.

Wireless radiation “RF-EMF” has been proven to be harmful to humans and the environment. Vote for a healthier and safer Washington State.

She is pushing fibre optic over wireless.

wireless radiation safety – the profits of one industry are being put above public health & safety.
transportation – build more freeways, roads, light rail.
workforce & education – invest in teacher salaries, reduce class size, get teachers back to teaching vs classroom management.
police & safety – more funding for police & neighborhood policing.

Another single issue candidate, even if I actually agree with her single issue.

Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, R
Mr De La Fuente is having some fun at the expense of the US government and of voters. He is in fact a resident of San Diego, California. He is running against Senator Diane Feinstein. He is also running in 4 other states, Washington being one of them. To quote “Rocky De La Fuente is running for the US Senate in five states simultaneously to prove just how ludicrous the election process has become, especially for any independent seeking the Presidency.”

Yep, sounds pretty ludicrous. I don’t see a whole lot of point in doing more research on this guy, even if he sounds pretty reasonable for a Republican.

Sam Wright, Human Rights party   
Mr Wright is 81 years old and lives in Olympia. He is a retired fisheries research scientist.
The Basic Principles for the Human Rights Party are as follows:
  1. All forms of offensive warfare, including pre-emptive actions, must be eliminated.
  2. All types of discrimination, in any form, must be eliminated.
  3. All individuals must have access to quality health care.
  4. All individuals must have access to decent personal housing alternatives.
  5. All individuals must have access to quality educational opportunities.
  6. All individuals must have access to viable employment opportunities.
  7. All disabled individuals must have adequate resources to insure their pursuit of happiness.
  8. All retired individuals must have adequate resources to insure their pursuit of happiness.
  9. Revenues from all forms of taxation must be adequate to fully fund all of the above.
This appears to be a one man party. Can’t say as I disagree with his basic principles. Just not clear on how he intends to implement them.

Mr Hoffman is ex-Navy, currently a Maintenance Engineer at North Seattle College. Union shop steward (local 304). Defends workers, especially women, against bullies. Member, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists & Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity (OWLS) “kicking ass for the working class.”

His platform:
The problem is the global capitalist system which cannot be fixed locally.
Pro women’s rights (pro-abortion).
Totally opposed to any form of discrimination.
Hell No Wall! Full civil rights and labor rights for all.  Open the borders, disband ICE.

Re affordable housing – tax corporations and accumulated wealth, cut military spending. Use that to build a hell of a lot more pubic housing.

Supports Puyallup tribe against PSE’s LNG plant in Tacoma. Against all fracking, which he says Cantwell supports. Wants to nationalize energy under worker control, and make a swift transition to sustainable renewable energy sources.

He organizes against the far right & neo-Nazis, one of whom is now running for state Senate.

Wants to end the capitalist system and put workers in charge, so enterprises are owned by people collectively, run democratically, and the workers call the shots. Provide everyone heath care and a clean environment instead of building B-1 bombers.

Gotta say, I admire Mr Hoffman. I believe his world view may be a bit narrower than what is necessary at the federal level, but I would sure like to see him running for county or state office.

Susan Hutchinson, R
Ms Hutchinson filed 1 hour before the deadline. She is the lead R contender for Maria Cantwell’s seat. She is former chair of Washington’s Republican party, but quit after a series of foot-in-mouth incidents, including:
 ~ she called Seattle’s income tax on the wealthy “a veiled attempt to turn over the constitution” and urged rich people to engage in “civil disobedience” by refusing to pay.
~ she said Trump’s “grab ‘em by the pussy” remark was just him channeling Bill Clinton, and besides, Trump was a registered Dem at the time so it doesn’t count.
~  she told Ted Cruz he was a ‘traitor’ at the R national convention for not being pro-Trump enough.
~ she refers to herself as “ballot babe.” Meaning?
~ she wrote to Governor Inslee about Syrian refugees vs 1970s Vietnamese refugees, explaining that Syrians were “the ISIS JV team” and all they really want is charter schools.

from her website:
~ she has successfully fought a state income tax.  And that is literally the only policy statement to be found on the entire website. She stresses all the committees to which she has been appointed and all the good works she has done as a volunteer. Oh, and she was a reporter for KIRO radio for many years.
In a video she claims “the incumbent” cares about DC, not WA. She lists all the ills in Seattle, while the city collects more taxes. She is fighting tax increases.
She claims the Rs gave college tuition cuts, balanced the budget, and funded public schools. Right. And they invented sliced bread too.
She says her opponent is a lifetime politician.
“When Trump is good for WA, I’ll support him, and when not, I can talk to him.”

As far as I can tell Ms Hutchinson has been relying on her recognition as a former KIRO radio reporter and her prominence in Republican politics. This is a good supporter of Trump who can justify anything. I am so relieved that she would be able to talk to him. Given Ms Hutchinson’s propensity for foot in mouth disease, she would be in good company in the Senate. I think we have more than enough of that right now.

Thor Amundson, Independent      no website or Facebook page
Mr Amundson ran for the Senate in 2016 as a Democrat. I found his Voter’s Guide statement from back then.

He rejects PAC money. He says that “true leadership is an extension of the will of the people.”
He supports being able to afford to live in US, an end to discrimination, work being justly rewarded, workers’ rights protected, and where officials are elected by people, not $$.

A tad skimpy on the details, but sounds like his heart is in the right place. Still, an also-ran.

Tim Owen, R              found no website or Facebook page
I did find his statement in the Voter’s Guide.

He rails against the fact that the Constitution originally mandated that senators be elected by their respective state legislatures, and that the 17th amendment in 1913 changed that to allow the people to elect senators. Horrors. And all the ills of the country are to be attributed to that change.

Ok, another single issue loonie.

And that, finally, is the end of the 29 candidates. I predict with a certain degree of confidence that after the primary the two candidates on the November Ballot will be Maria Cantwell and Susan Hutchinson. Which means I have just wasted several days’ worth of time researching all of these candidates. The things I do for civic responsibility.

And just to reiterate, after all of that long litany, I will be voting for Maria Cantwell. I know she’s not perfect, but to quote some pragmatic friends, “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” Right now we need all the good we can get in the Senate. Yep, there are issues on which I disagree rather vehemently with Maria, and issues where she has been missing in action. But on the really important issues, like Obamacare, environmental protection, Roe v Wade, and Supreme Court nominations, she has been there for us. We really need that right now.